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Hide and Seek with the Missing Monk

Written by  Audrey Edwards, BC '13
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Brother Joe Ryan is interested in a lot of things: he likes animals, delivering mail, and greeting people at the Abbey. But most of all, Brother Joe loves to explore; particularly, the neighboring nooks and crannies of the Abbey.

However, one fateful day instead of hiding, brother Joe would be seeking.

Roughly fifteen years ago, word got out around the monastery that Brother Vincent, an elderly monk battling cancer, had gone missing from his room. Once Brother Joe returned from teaching a Catechism prep class, he got word that day of the incident. Immediately taking on the adventure, with brains, brawn and black alb, he began a door-to-door pat-down of the Abbey in search of their aged friend; who had been missing in action for longer than just "getting some air."

Brother Joe continued to search everywhere he could think of, from bathrooms to closets, backyards and stairwells, the lost old monk was nowhere to be found. Almost at his wits end, he stumbled upon the south crypt sacristy in the Abbey Church which, to his surprise, was unlocked with the door slightly cracked open. After walking through the usually secured door, he looked around to investigate as to why the door had been left unlocked. Sure enough, slouched over in an arm chair, positioned in a way looking much too uncomfortable, Brother Vincent was finally spotted. Having surrendered to the weight of his fatigued frame, the elderly Brother was down for the count in a deep sleep. The old body made no movement for a good few minutes and Brother Joe initially thought the monk was dead. After coming closer though he could hear the wheezing, slow paced breathing of the "missing monk."

After waking and gently helping Brother Vincent back up to his room, it was assumed that while walking so far around the Abbey the elderly monk must of disoriented himself and, because of his health condition, had giving way to his ailing body and fell asleep. Even though Brother Joe is usually the one hiding around the monastery, you never know who else, or what else he may come across in his adventures and finings within the Abbey. What will he some across next, you may wonder? We'll just have wait and see what he "seeks out of hiding" next.

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