How the monks invest your gifts:

The monks of St. Benedict’s Abbey pray and work for the glory of God and the good of the world.  Five times every day, the Benedictine monks gather together to pray through the Psalter and lift the needs of the world up to God; and from those times of prayer flows the work the men perform in service to God and others.

The monks of St. Benedict’s Abbey serve as pastors and ministry support for several parishes in Northeast Kansas and beyond.  They serve the students, faculty, and staff of Benedictine College and Maur Hill-Mount Academy in Atchison; as priests, teachers, confessors, and spiritual directors.  And they serve as chaplains, regionally and nationally, for religious houses, prisons, colleges, and various ministries.

As sons of the Catholic Church and heirs of a 1500-year old monastic tradition credited with preserving Western civilization in the aftermath of the Dark Ages, the monks at St. Benedict’s Abbey continue the work they began in 1858.  During the tumultuous years of the American Civil War, when the state was known as “Bleeding Kansas,” these brave men founded a mission and the school that is now Benedictine College.  And, although the two are wholly separate institutions, they still share a common commitment to “the love of Jesus Christ and the faith revealed to and handed down by the Roman Catholic Church.”

Through their ongoing commitment to a life of prayer and work, the monks at St. Benedict’s Abbey serve the Church. And their service results in the salvation of souls, the renewal of culture, and the glory of God.

The monks of St. Benedict’s Abbey serve the Church.

But who serves them?

St. Benedict's Abbey

St. Benedict's Abbey
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