The Abbot’s Fund

Preparing for the Future

The Abbey is experiencing a renaissance with an infusion of new membership. We currently have 42 monks in our community and, as the contingent of young monks grows, many of them are in formation programs; furthering their education in preparation for their future work in our many apostolates: or taking on leadership roles within the community. Their future work will make a substantial impact upon those they serve for the glory of God.  Will you help the monks during this period of rejuvenation?

How you can help?

  • The Abbot’s Fund will provide for the future of the Abbey and the work that the monks are doing.  We have been blessed with an all-or-nothing $160,000 challenge gift. If secured, these funds will:
  • Allow the monks to continue work in their many apostolates, educating and forming students; and providing the sacraments, especially reconciliation and the Eucharist
  • Provide for the care of the elderly monks who have devoted their lives to God by working as teachers, serving as pastors, and laboring within the monastery
  • Support the formation of the new, younger members of the Abbey in preparation for their future ora et labora