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Liturgy Week 2015

Join Fr. Daniel McCarthy, the monks of St. Benedict's Abbey, and the Sisters of Mount St. Scholastica Monastery this May for Liturgy Week 2015 - Architecture for Liturgy.  For more comprehensive information, see the event website.

The celebration of liturgy determines not only the functional aspects of church design and arrangement, but even more the dimensions inherent in liturgical celebration are expressed through art, architecture and the arrangement of churches. Much attention is given to architects who design transcendent buildings, but insufficient attention has been given to the ritual and liturgical theology inherent in the celebration of liturgy and how these are determinative of the dimensions of church buildings and their artistic narratives.

Liturgy Week 2015 begins with a pictorial journey through the ancient basilicas of Rome and from these develops an understanding of the baptistery and font, the hall and ambo, the dais and altar-ciborium. The rich and classical chapels of Mount St Scholastica Monastery and St Benedict parish church give examples to illustrate the liturgical principles presented, or they present a canvas upon which to write a more developed artistic and architectural expression that allows for an ever more prolonged and synthetic celebration of liturgy.

The opportunity to pray with these two monastic communities in their churches and to join them for meals in their monastic refectories (dining rooms) gives greater insight into the communities that shaped their respective places of worship and that are shaped by them as well.

Liturgy Week 2015 is intended for anyone interested in the dimensions inherent in liturgy that prompt a fuller celebration which in turn requires a more developed architectural and artistic expression. Liturgy Week 2015 is designed for:

  • Parishioners preparing to renovate or build a church or chapel (send a group of parishioners)
  • Architects desiring to deepen one’s appreciation of the liturgical dimensions of design
  • Diocesan directors of offices of worship or commissions that govern the building or renovation of churches
  • Oblates desiring a deeper appreciation of their prayer life in its context.

The presentations will be clear and given in ordinary language for the informed person and will be richly illustrated by pictorial journeys. This accessibility gives direct and immediate access to the more inherent dimensions of liturgical celebrations.

Join us for Liturgy Week 2015.