Fr. Andrew Green (1865-1950)


In June 1915 Father Andrew was the “first Kansan to celebrate his silver jubilee (of ordination) after 25 years of continuous labor in his native state.”  This quote was taken from a local paper.  He was born in Marak, Kan., near Everest, and professed as a monk of St. Benedict’s Abbey in 1885 and later ordained priest in 1890.

Father Andrew was famous as a poet, musician, composer, author and teacher.  He was a noted retreat master and published two books of conferences for religious.  He played the violin, viola, cello and clarinet and headed the music department at St. Benedict’s College for many years.  He also taught German and English at the college.  Father Andrew along with Father Herman Koch, priest of the Diocese of the then Leavenworth, edited and published the “Laudate Hymnal” that was used in the diocese and elsewhere until Vatican Council II.  After his teaching career came to an end he was chaplain at Mercy Hospital, Fort Scott, Kan., for a time.

Fr. Andrew died on January 2, 1950.