Br. Matthew Meager (1883-1965)


Brother Matt, as he was known to the community, came to from St, Joseph’s of the Valley Parish in western Leavenworth County, Kan.  He pronounced his monastic vows, December 28, 1923.  The community was then living in what is now Farrell Hall. 

Brother Matt was the Porter of the new abbey for many years, as the “wise, old monk” who greeted visitors at the door near what is now called “the Prior’s Porch.”  In addition, he managed the abbey gardens and butcher shop.  Brother Matt was never at a loss for words and did not mind speaking his opinion.  He once told the novice master, Father Florian, that he was not too impressed with the current batch (1952) and the only one worth anything had just left!  He loved to play bridge and to visit Leavenworth County with his fellow parishioner when growing up, Father Angelus Lingenfelser, Abbey Procurator.  They used to wander down U.S. 73 weaving from side to side commenting on the livestock and the farms of their long-time friends. He had a great sense of humor that he never lost even in his last illness. 

Br. Matt died on January 6, 1965.