Fr. John Habiger (1905-1973)


The presence of John Habiger and his two sons certainly is and was unique in the history of our community.  Father Matthew Habiger is still quite active in the works of the community.  Benedict Habiger left the community for the married life.  Father John and his two sons were ordained together June 14, 1968.

Before entering the community John had been a high school principal at Lillis and Paxico, Kan.  He began his college work at Kansas Wesleyan University and finished at St. Benedict’s College.  John later served as an assistant economist for the Department of Labor and worked for the USAir Corps during World War II.  Later he had his own brokerage business.  When their children were grown, there was a daughter as well; John and his wife Mildred Ludes decided that on the death of one the other would enter the religious life.  John came home to St. Benedict’s Abbey.

After ordination John served as assistant procurator of the abbey and later as pastor of St. Charles Church, Troy, Kan., in 1972.  He died on January 7, 1973 and is buried at Mount Calvary Cemetery, Atchison, with his wife.