Fr. Maurus Kennedy (1896-1985)


Father Maurus was an “Okie” along with Father Boniface Moll.  He came to Atchison and St. Benedict’s High School in 1911, attended St. Benedict’s College, 1915-1921, and the Abbey School of Theology until 1925 when he was ordained June 6.  He had professed his first monastic vows July 2, 1919. 

On ordination Maurus became a math instructor, athletic director of the college and coach of the tumbling team.  During his assignment at Maur Hill and later at the college, he became much involved in music and drama.  During World War II Father Maurus was a Naval Chaplain stationed in the Far East.  He served long terms as pastor at St. Benedict’s Church, Kansas City, Kan., and at St. Peter’s, Council Bluffs, Iowa.  Wherever he was stationed he took great interest in the Knights of Columbus and the Columbian Squires.  He was State Chaplain of the Kansas Knights of Columbus from 1958 to 1960. 

In retirement at the abbey Father Maurus was dutifully taken care of by a variety of characters.  In addition to Brother John Kaighin who died on this day in 2002, Brother Raymond Pfeiffer was his caretaker.  One Sunday during the community Mass, Father Maurus lit up a cigarette and soon puffs of smoke were rising from his stall.  Brother Ray was startled, grabbed the cigarette from Maurus’ and stormed out of the chapel looking for a place to put the butt!  Such can be the monastic life. 

Fr. Maurus died on January 10, 1985.