Fr. Germain Kuckelman (1899-1974)


Catfisherman, maker of horseradish, pastor, teacher of Latin at Maur Hill, infirmarian there also, gardener, all these titles applied to Father Germain.  He was Master of Brothers at the Abbey and in charge of the Abbey farms as well.  He gave up these duties in 1949, becoming pastor at St. James, Wetmore, Kan.  While there he began a series of operations on his intestines.  He then moved to St. Benedict’s Parish, Atchison, in 1958 and returned to the Abbey in 1969.  Father Germaine’s wise sayings were often quoted in The Atchison Daily Globe

This native of Nemaha County who received his high school and college education with the Atchison monks lived a full life.  He professed first vows July 2, 1922, and was ordained June 11, 1927.