St. John Paul, how do we love thee?

Saint John Paul, how do we love thee? Let us count the ways.

  • Because you were so photogenic
  • Because of your smile
  • Because you clung to the crucifix
  • Because you made deep mystical prayer attractive
  • Because you were a Renaissance man
  • Because you were so dang smart
  • Because you were a Mama’s boy
  • Because you gave us the Theology of the Body
  • Because you gave us the Luminous Mysteries
  • Because you celebrated Mass on a canoe
  • Because you were a thespian and a poet
  • Because you were deeply in love with Jesus
  • Because you loved the youth
  • Because you were a real man
  • Because you would rather spend your life in prayer, but followed God's will and served us anyway
  • Because you traveled the globe bringing us Jesus
  • Because you were not afraid
  • Because you make us want to be Saints
  • Because you canonized half of Heaven
  • Because your entourage had to reroute your travel plans so you wouldn't pass by a Catholic Church and make them stop so you could pray
  • Because you forgave your would-be assassin 
  • Because you remembered everybody you ever met
  • Because even the most hidden chapels could not be hidden from you
  • Because you taught us that it is Jesus that we seek when we dream of happiness
  • Because you set the world on fire

We love you St. John Paul the great. Please love us from heaven and help us get there too to adore our beloved Lord Jesus forever by your side.