The Bavarian Blast

an article by BC Student Matthew McGuire

The Monks of St. Benedict’s Abbey celebrated Bavarian heritage at the fifth annual Bavarian Blast with seniors and alumni Friday evening, Oct. 23.

This event, sponsored by the Benedictine College Ministry department, is launched annually in order to show appreciation to those who give talent and treasure to the College, including the monks.

“Bavarian Blast was designed to foster authentic friendship and take care of the people who pay the bills for Benedictine College,” said Fr. Brenden Rolling, OSB, of Saint Benedict’s Abbey.

It is also intended to bring seniors together to network with alumni, to reconnect with friends, make new friends, and grow in community, Rolling said.

Students had an opportunity to get to know the monks better or meet them for the first time.

“I’ve been here for four years and haven’t met any monks,” said Sarah Spellins, senior.

The event was well attended and received. There were more attendees than seats available.

Thomas Defilippis, senior, said he was glad that he didn’t miss out because all of the seniors were there.

“There’s free beer and barbeque, and of course – friends,” said Cody Sherlock, 2015 alumnus.

Lt. Col. Shawn Boos, alumnus and player of the 1985 undefeated Benedictine football team came back for the camaraderie, spirit, the Benedict’s Bock beer, and the homecoming football game.

Many were grateful for coming.

“Thanks to the Benedictine monks for their hospitality,” Boos said.