Benedict's Brittle to Partner with Enactus

The following is an announcement from Enactus BC President Josh Linton.

The Benedictine College Enactus team is thrilled to announce our business partnership with the Benedictine monks, and the monk’s Peanut Brittle.  Enactus is an international college business organization that promotes the betterment of communities through entrepreneurial action.  We have been preparing for months for this partnership, and finally all of the pieces have come together and the business is about to begin in the coming weeks.

The opportunity students are presented with in gaining knowledge and experience in business entrepreneurship is unrivaled by any other opportunity at Benedictine. The transition presented by an independent enterprise to a managed venture managed by the Enactus team is a chance for students to be educated by the monks on campus on how their business works and to help form our minds to be better business men and business women. There is an undeniable tangible good for the students and monks alike.  Not only will the monks have workers and be able produce more peanut brittle and educate the young minds of the students on campus, but the students will be able to grow in the business state of mind. On top of that, the students will also be able to grow in their faith as they work alongside men of God.  By the monk’s action of donating their infrastructure to students, they are extending their sponsorship of Benedictine College, and will allow them to continue to educate young men and women.

Our goals for this joint venture are not only to help students and monks alike, but we are also joining together to help grow the business of Benedict’s Brittle. Not only will both parties see higher revenues that can be reinvested back into the Brittle for the monks, or into the other Enactus projects for the students, we will be able to expand Benedict’s Brittle further than ever before, reaching out to more people and spreading the Word of God. In doing this we will be supporting the monks and also our projects within Enactus enabling us to make a larger impact in Lansing and also in West Africa. Together the Monks of St. Benedict’s Abbey and the students of Benedictine College can reach out to others in need around the world.

We are eager to get Benedict’s Brittle off the ground and running, and are very appreciative to the monks for allowing us to form this partnership. 


More about Enactus:

The Benedictine College Enactus team has multiple projects, our first one taking place in Atchison where we focus on educating the youth of the city on financial literacy in order to help students meet the state requirements, and keep the private schools open and operating. Our next project is in the city of Lansing, KS where we teach business classes to inmates in prison at Lansing State Correctional Facility.  After the inmates graduate from our class, they are allowed to be released from prison two months earlier than their original sentence in accordance with Kansas State Bill 123. We also have a project in Sierra Leone, Africa where our team helped start a locally owned and operated water well drilling for-profit business after forming a partnership with Water4, a non-profit organization headquartered in Oklahoma.  Our new project to add to our list, the collaboration with Benedict’s Brittle, is a project we are delighted to start.