The Holy Family

We marvel a God’s plan for the family.  The Holy Family of Joseph, Mary and Jesus is the great model of the family.

Everyone wants to belong to, be part of, a family.  This is the school of deeper humanity.  This is where each child, each young person, discovers who they are, and how they fit into the broader community.

In God’s plan, the family begins when a young man and a young woman are drawn to each other, fall in love, and commit themselves to each other for the rest of their lives.  Their love for each other leads to sharing life with their children.  This is what every couple understands, and wants.
A child means an 18-year commitment on the part of his or her parents.  Every child wants and needs the love, care, and guidance of his or her parents.  The father brings his unique strengths to the rearing of children, and the mother hers.  It is by growing up in a family that children learn the complimentary differences between a man, the father, and a woman, the mother – of masculinity and femininity. 

When parents are briefly separated from their children, they feel a great emptiness which can only be filled by being reunited with their children.

It is a delight for us to watch a family grow and mature.  Each year brings new growth, the development of talents, and the maturation of personality.

Because the family is so fundamental, so important, for each one of us and for all of society, God became part of a family.  We look to the Holy Family as the model of what a family does, how it addresses its problems, and how the members care for each other.

Today the family is beset with many problems, because we have drifted away from God’s Plan.  Consider the weakened state of marriage today.  Consider all the children who don’t have a father in their lives.  Consider widespread abortion, and the determined attempt to separate the life-giving dimension of sex from the love-giving dimension.

The vast majority of men in prison today never had a father involved in their lives.  We pay a high price for ignoring God’s wonderful plan for marriage and the family.

What is the solution?  Look at the Holy Family, and observe the attitudes, the values and the behavior of each of its members.  Their great love and bondedness was meant to be found in every family.