Bavarian Blast - October 20th, 2017

It was a festive evening last Friday on the Abbey East Lawn.  The monks of St. Benedict’s Abbey were hosting their annual Bavarian Blast, an Oktoberfest celebration meant to bring together Benedictine College seniors, alumni and friends during homecoming weekend.

“It’s awesome to see so many young people reconnecting,” said Timothy Simpson, a postulant at the Abbey.  Timothy is also an alumni of Benedictine and was able to do some of his own reconnecting with classmates and friends who came to the event.

“The ideal of the Benedictine community isn’t just in-house, its outside as well,” Timothy said.  It is events like these, he pointed out that, “build awesome Catholic culture”.

The weather on Friday was near perfect.  The lights hung around the lawn along with the autumn colors, the sunset and later, the clear night sky made for a welcoming atmosphere. 

“The ambience is conducive to people sticking around”, Fr. Jay Kythe said.  The beer, food and raffle prizes were also good reasons to stay and enjoy the evening with the monks.

Reconnecting with friends and celebrating God’s gifts were the themes of last Friday’s Bavarian Blast.  On a weekend full of sports, bed races and dorm decorations at Benedictine College, St. Benedict’s Abbey has created a great homecoming tradition of its own.

A big thanks to Waddell & Reed - Rosco Halsey for sponsoring the event and making it possible!