Why do we need monks?

Why do we need monks? 

Throughout the ages this question has had a multitude of answers. For St. Benedict, it meant living out the Christian call in a radical way – praying and working, preserving the Christian call by leaving the Roman culture behind. 

For us at St. Benedict's Abbey, it means carrying out St. Benedict's mission of prayer and work. In our modern culture, with all that occurs around us, I believe the world needs prayer now as much as ever before. 


When I was asked "why do we need monks?" I reflected upon those that impacted me before I became a monk: Fr. Augustine, my parish priest who was a tremendous example. Fr. Denis, my college chaplain who ensured my faith stayed strong while I was a student. Fr. Matthew, my college professor, who encouraged us in that same faith (and with whom I'm pictured at the right.) Fr. Meinrad, my vocations director, if he hadn't called me 24 years ago and invited me on a retreat, I might not be a monk today. I have been blessed to have been impacted by these and a great many other monks.

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But what I want to know is who has impacted you? Do you have a story about a monk who changed your life? Please respond to this e-mail with a story or a memory about a monk of St. Benedict's Abbey.

It is a privilege for me to put on this habit each day; to carry on this 1,500 year old tradition of mission of prayer and work. It is thanks to those who have gone before me that I am able to do this.  Indeed, there are more great men that have impacted my life than I can mention here.  I hope you will share a story of how one of our monks has impacted you.

Please know of our prayers for you!

In Christ,

Abbot James Albers, OSB