Run to Your Mother


Mary of Nazareth is only a woman. She was born of a real mother and a real father who conceived her in just the same way as all of us were conceived. She is no different than us. She is only a woman; that is, with one very particular exception. When the Eternal God, existing in a communion of persons – Father, Son and Holy Spirit – chose to save the human race from the hopeless and damnable predicament we got ourselves into he decided to become one of us. When the fullness of time had come he sent the Eternal Son into our world, and he chose Mary of Nazareth to be his mother.

The Eternal Son of God chose Mary as his mother. Because all things were created through the Son, this is the one case in history where the Son creates his own mother! Any of us, sinners though we be, given the opportunity to make our own mother, who among us would not choose to make her perfect? Would not the Eternal Son, who loved his mother infinitely more than we love our own mothers, would he not also choose to make His mother perfect? To create a perfect mother; what a process that must have been! What features would she have? What characteristics of personality would be hers? What temperament and what virtues would she display?

The Mother of the Eternal Son of God would by that very fact also be the New Ark of the New Covenant. One does not make an ark out of clay. An ark is made of precious gold! So when the Son was making his mother he would choose to make her precious flesh out of the gold of innocence and goodness. For his dwelling he made her a House of Gold.

The Eternal Son also knew that he would want a mother with radiant eyes, because everyday he would look into those eyes of comfort and love as if he were looking into a mirror. So he made her the Mirror of Justice.

Our Lady of Bavaria –  This piece was donated to the Abbey in celebration of the ordination of Abbot James Albers & Fr. Brendan Rolling

Our Lady of Bavaria – This piece was donated to the Abbey in celebration of the ordination of Abbot James Albers & Fr. Brendan Rolling

He knew he would want a mother with a beautiful smile, because the home of the Holy Family was to be bursting with contemplative joy! Her smile was designed to bring a smile to his own heart. For this she became the Cause of his (and our) Joy.

The Son of God knew that he would need a mother who is full of a lively faith, because his proposal to her through his messenger Gabriel was going to test her obedience and confidence in a God who makes the impossible become real. Her “yes” would make her the Gate of Heaven.

The Eternal Son knew that he would need a mother superbly wise, because in taking on a human nature he would need her to teach him through the Scriptures about his messianic mission. So he made her the Seat of Wisdom.

God knew that he would need a mother who is perfectly feminine, because one day he intended to give her a carpenter as her real spouse. Thus she is the Mystical Rose.

He knew also that he would need a mother who is entirely chaste, because even though this saintly man was her very real husband they were not to engage the carnal passions. So he fashioned her a Tower of Ivory.

The Son knew that he was going to need a mother with an unconditionally merciful heart, because for three years she would have to stomach the presence of a traitor among her Son’s twelve best friends. Only such a woman could really be the Refuge of Sinners.

He knew that he would need a mother with an expansive heart because at the cross she would need to become the new Eve, the new mother of all the living.

God knew that he would need a courageous and temperate mother because one day he would invite her to be his co-redeemer, and she would need the strength to stand strong after the 1st, the 4th, and the 7th piercings of the sword. Thus afflicted with sorrow Mary can really be the Comforter of the Afflicted.

The Son knew he would need a mother full of hope that when the Son of Righteousness set at the sunset of the Crucifixion, the Church could still navigate by the bright moonlight of Mary before the sunrise of the Resurrection. In doing so she would shine as the Morning Star.

The Son of God knew also that he would need his mother to be humble, because his enemy and hers would be the most powerful creature he ever created, the fallen angel of light who is Satan and Lucifer. For her to be victorious in smashing his head, she would need humble heels and a humble heart; a heart that does not seek victory in her own strength, and heels that channel the power of God to smash the ancient foe and destroy his kingdom. Only thus could she become the Help of Christians.

God was well aware that there was no way his mother could be all these things without being perfectly untouched by sin. So he ordered her Immaculately Conceived. Due to their disobedience Adam and Eve lost the paradisiacal inheritance. Yet Mary, while still a daughter of Eve, was chosen by her Son to be a woman born into this lost inheritance. Otherwise she could not accomplish what she would need to accomplish. She would need supernatural freedom from sharing in our fallen state. Therefore, God decided to save her before she fell into the dirty puddle of our misery, not after her soul was stained with sin. One can be saved from falling by either being picked up after the fall or being prevented from falling in the first place. The Son of God decided to save his mother, to apply the merits of his Paschal mystery, before she could ever fall into sin. Mary needs a savior just like the rest of us. So she became the Mother of our Savior.

To be a disciple of the Lord Jesus through a Total Consecration to His Mother is only to imitate more perfectly the behavior of the Son. God is infinitely creative and could have chosen any number of ways to redeem us. In his infinitely creative mind he decided the best way to save his fallen children from eternal separation from him was to be born of Mary of Nazareth. He did not need to. He chose to! We do not need to return to Him through her. We choose to! And that choice makes Him, and her, and us very happy.

This perfect mother of God’s Son, chosen and knit together in the womb of Anne, is our mother too. She is the mother of this nation, she is the mother of this college, she is the mother of this monastery, she is my mother, and she is your mother. Run to this mother who is wise, and compassionate, and courageous, and chaste, and merciful, and full of hope, with a lively faith, an unshakable charity, with compassionate eyes and a beautiful smile, with a softly beating heart, a steady breath, a welcoming hand, and with a love for her Eucharistic Son. Do not be shy. Do not hold back in fear or skepticism. Run to your mother. Run to Mary. She will take you to her Son Jesus.