Postulant Entry 2018

On August 14, 2018 the monks were blessed to welcome Charles Atkinson and Marty Anderson as postulants in our community. The postulancy is a period of discernment during which the postulant prays and works alongside the monks seeking God's will in their lives. 

Charles comes to the Abbey from Washington D.C. Graduating with a degree in Liturature and a minor in Latin from Ave Maria University, Charles has been serving as a teacher of Latin at a Classical Arts High School in Washington.  An avid reader who enjoys playing the banjo and hiking, Charles was struck by the entrance ceremony: "After the rite of entrance we processed into the church singing a pilgrimage song full of desire for the Holy City, Jerusalem.  This moved me to gratitude for the signs I followed to this monastery and the way they do not stop surprising me each day as the pilgrimage begins, or rather continues here."

Marty hails from Gillette, Wyoming.  After graduating from our apostolate, Benedictine College, with a degree in International Business and Spanish, Marty spent two years as a FOCUS missionary, first at Tulane University, then at the University of Texas - Tyler. Marty didn't necessarily see himself as a monk while studying at BC: "I never pictured myself here when I was a student, but I am here investigating an invitation from the Lord.  I am happy to have this opportunity to give myself to the monastic life and grow in holiness while I’m praying and working alongside the monks of St. Benedict’s Abbey. I knew if I didn't come I would be left with an unresolved question, 'what if I had said yes?' So I am here to say 'yes.'"

Join us in praying for these men and for all our monks in formation.