Fr. Meinrad Miller - director of oblates

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What is an Oblate?

Any baptized man or woman who desires to follow Christ at a deeper level by following the Rule of St. Benedict is eligible to be an Oblate.

How do I start the process?

The first step is to visit the oblate director, and see if this way of life is for you.

What is the oblate formation like?

Once it is determined that a person is ready to become an oblate, there is at least a year and a day of candidacy. During this time there is a formation in the key aspects of Benedictine Spirituality.

What do oblates do?

Oblates live their baptismal vows through the wisdom of St. Benedict. They pray the Liturgy of the Hours, and take time daily for silence and Lectio Divina (Holy Reading of Scripture). Daily Mass is often a highlight of their day if possible. They also strive to make all of their work, and relationships grow from their seeking after God using the wisdom of St. Benedict. This means they will grow in humility, silence, obedience (listening to the voice of God in the Scripture and the Church, the Rule of St. Benedict, and to others) and Good works. 

What if I became an oblate of the Abbey years ago, or became an oblate at another monastery?

If you made your oblation years ago, you can renew your oblation and begin to live the life anew. Many people desire to remain oblates of the house where they first became oblates. Some people are oblates of other houses and have moved into our area and want to become oblates here, in which case they may wish to transfer their oblation here, or remain as oblates where they first encountered the Rule of St. Benedict. 

  • What if I look into becoming an oblate and decide it is not for me?

Any decision like this involves our freedom. Jesus freely invites us to follow Him. This way of life will not be for everyone. 

  • What are the benefits of becoming an oblate?

Oblates tell me how coming to know the monks and other oblates, and to live by St. Benedict’s Rule has changed their life. As I look around at people at our Abbey daily Mass, I often see our oblates there. I am sure it is the same with the other oblates at their parishes. 

  • What if I am a college student seeking to become an oblate?

Students at Benedictine College, or other universities may want to become an Oblate. They are encouraged to contact the Oblate Director.