On a Musical Journey


On a Musical Journey


The St. Benedict's Abbey Schola and Abbot Barnabas Senecal, OSB perform a variety of liturgical music in celebration of over 150 years of monastic life in Kansas. (scroll to the bottom of the page to preview a few tracks)

Track list:

  1. Fanfare - Organ Solo: Fr. Blaine Schultz
  2. On Our Journey to the Kingdom - Soloist: Abbot Barnabas
  3. Ave Regina Caelorum
  4. Alleluia - Soloist: Brian Nelson
  5. Alma Redemptoris
  6. Today is Born Our Savior - Soloist: Fr. Meinrad Miller
  7. Hail Mary Gentle Woman - Soloist: Abbot Barnabas
  8. Invocations - Organ Solo: Fr. Blaine
  9. Regina Caeli
  10. Lord every nation on earth will adore you
  11. You are Mine - Soloist: Abbot Barnabas
  12. Salve Regina
  13. Song of Moses - Soloist: Fr. Meinrad
  14. Blest are those who fear the Lord - Soloist: Brian Nelson
  15. Sing a New Song to the Lord - Soloist: Abbot Barnabas
  16. By the Rivers of Babylon
  17. Ultima
  18. Happy are they who trust In you, O Lord
  19. In Paradisum
  20. Hymn to Our Holy Father St. Benedict
  21. Arioso
  22. May God Bless You

St. Benedict's Abbey in Atchison, Kansas, is a place where men can harken to the Lord's invitation to grow in charity.  Perched on the bluffs overlooking the Missouri River, it was founded with missionary zeal: to serve Catholics in the area, to establish schools, to glorify God.

© 2006 St. Benedict's Abbey, Atchison, Kansas.  All rights reserved.

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